About Paul

My path as a psychologist was not a direct one. Immediately after college, I worked as a business community organizer in the United States Peace Corps in the West Indies. I returned home and joined the United States Naval Reserves. After the military, I worked in corporate America as a loan manager. Just prior to graduate school, I worked as a fire-fighter for a number of years. During this time, I also actively participated in raising our two children with my wife. These varied experiences have helped shape my understanding of people’s desire to make their lives work. As a psychologist, my experience includes:

  • Associate Professor of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley
  • Clinical Fellow, Harvard Medical School
  • Director, Center for Family Counseling, Oakland
  • Founder, The Family Enrichment Network, Oakland
  • Advance Training Multidimensional Family Therapy
  • Advance Training Gottman Couples Therapy
  • Advance Training Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
  • Consultant to the National Football League
  • Consultant to the Oakland Raiders Football Team
  • Consultant to the Alameda County Probation Department